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PracticeBMX: Pablo's A Problem Edit

Posted by PracticeBMX
Boojuw: I live in Brooklyn. I work in the Bronx; I get off the wage-ship 17:00 NYC eastern time. I took my break at 16:00, so when I get back from break, all I have to do is clockout and go home. I had my bike with me on this particular Saturday. I went to Malluly's park to kill the hour, and to get some riding in. I was riding around for like 25 minutes until I saw this dude Pablo landing almost every trick he tries; that compelled me to pull out my iPhone to record him (even though I don't like to film when I ride because I be too busy riding trying tricks to film anyone else trying tricks). I was like "fuck it, I gotta get this dude on wax. This nigga's a problem". So about 20 minutes on filming Pablo with my iPhone, this edit is the end result of that day, on my lunch break. This is how you get when you PracticeBMX! If you want to find him on Facebook Music: As I Lay Dying - Illusions
Posted October 20, 2014 - Filed in Park, Skatepark, Ramps - #Edit  #PracticeBMX  #Pablo  #bronx  #nyc  #newyorkcity  #Malluly 
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