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RideBMX: Nick Bullen - Modern Times Sessions

Posted by PracticeBMX
Nick Bullen and Cory Wiergowski hit the Modern Times park in Royal Oak, MI pretty regularly... and it shows. When Cory got side-lined with a sliced tendon in his pinky, he decided to pick up the camera and cruise along with Nick Bullen for a number of sessions. Nick sorted out all the local lines years ago, and so he brings out the big guns towards the end with moves like a pegs to crank arm to feeble, or backwards feeble to drop tooth. It turns out that Cory Wiergowski can't edit, so he passed the footage off the Detroit area BMX videographer Alex Burnside to finish up. We're quite pleased with the result.
Posted April 24, 2015 - Filed in Park, Skatepark, Ramps - #bmx  #PracticeBMX  #skatepark  #park  #ramps 
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