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Dan Foleys Pub


Dan Foley found a pub called Dan Foley’s Pub in Ireland, so what is Dan gonna do, go in search of this historic place and chug a pint. Ill let Dan explain…


Years ago, I learned of a pub in Ireland called “Dan Foley’s Pub.” Naturally, going there and having a pint became a bucket list item. Several weeks ago, I had that opportunity on a family trip.

Turns out, the pub has been closed for years and is currently up for sale. The whole having a pint thing wasn’t looking too promising, but we did some research and found out the pub was still standing. Also turns out it was right on the way to our next destination. Convenient.

We stopped and got all the typical family photos and a portrait. Since I had left for Ireland straight from X Games, I had my bike packed up with me. Due to this, we decided that a riding photo was also in order.

I pulled my bike out of the bag and started throwing it together. I got the bars on the forks, stood my bike up, and then made a disappointing realization; I had let most the air out of my tires to free up some room in my bike bag. Not wanting to waste everyone’s time searching for a pump, I got on my bike and tried a hop bar. It worked! If a hop bar worked, a hop whip should also work, right?

I’d compare trying to get good pop with around 15 psi to bunny hopping off a waterbed. It wasn’t an easy task, but several whips came around and my sister, Jillian, nailed the shot. My rims were still round too, even after being plowed into the ground repeatedly.

5 minutes later, my bike was back in the bag and we were on our way. Pretty much the best afternoon ever, even with the lack of Guinness pints. Psyched to have this one to look back on. – Dan Foley

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