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Nice Set-Up – Jamie Skinner – Hoffman Bikes

Nice Set-up - Jamie Skinner

Hoffman Bikes Jamie Skinner can sometimes slip under the radar a bit, simply because he just cracks on and gets the job done. If you’ve ever seen him ride first hand you’ll know just how dialled he is, he’s got a whole bag of tricks that again, he just cracks on and does – smooth. We caught up with him to see just how dialled he keeps his nice Set-up Hoffman bike, we like it a lot, it takes a man that can spin the bars in any given situation to have the seatpost raised that much. . Check out his ‘Nice Set-Up’.


RIDE: As a team sponsored rider and getting your parts for free, do you still get that same excitement of setting up a new bike?
JAMIE: Yes definitely! I feel very lucky to be in a position where I can get bike parts for free. It still feels like the day that I got my very first BMX, all those years ago. Stoked.

R: What parts are you most stoked on?
J: Freecoaster for sure, I don’t think I will ever change back to a cassette now, it makes riding so much more fun going backwards.


R: Do you give the brand feedback on the stuff you ride? What responsibilities do you have to the company you’re riding for?­­
J: I’ll always try to keep in touch with what I’m up to and how I’m getting on with certain parts, but to be fair it’s pretty laid back – any photos or videos I have I send over to Mark at CSG. I have ­­just started filming a new edit, so keep an eye out for that one in the next few months.

R: Any personal mods? Any parts you’ve had for a while and keep for superstition / good luck?
J: No, I can’t say I really have any personal mods on my bike. Just get on it and ride it. I’ve just recently built up a new bike so it is all new parts, apart from the seat post. Got to love a high seat.


R: What parts do you go through the most? And do sponsors ever get annoyed with you asking?
J: I would say it’s probably grips and tyres, I like softer grips so they wear out a little quicker, and I ride brakeless so the back tyre doesn’t last too long. It’s never a problem asking for new parts, Mark Noble at CSG always hooks it up and keeps my bike running fresh. Thanks Mark.


R: What’s it like riding for a brand like Hoffman – with that much history behind it?
J: I still think it’s pretty crazy that I ride for Hoffman Bikes. I would’ve never imagined it happening a few years ago. Everyone on the team kills it and Mat has done some crazy things, so I’m pretty stoked to be a part of the team.


R: Why would you advise people to get these parts?
J: Check the photos of my bike, it looks sick and feels solid. Why would you not want your bike to look that good? Haha!


Frame – Hoffman bama
Bars – Hoffman bama
Forks – Éclat Steve Churchill
Cranks – WTP royals
Pedals – Éclat surge
Rear Hub – Federal v3 free coaster
Rear rim – Éclat bondi
Front hub – Éclat pulse
Front Rim – Éclat polar
Tyres – Éclat ridgestone
Grips – Éclat team
Stem – WTP
Chain – Éclat diesel
Sprocket – Éclat vent
Pegs – Éclat venom
Seat – Éclat window seat
Seat post  – WTP
Hub guards – Primo dsg

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