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Mike Mastroni – Then & Now

There’s a rad little read on the Volume site with Mike Mastroni comparing himself to what he was like 5 years ago. While some things have changed, a lot remains the same. Hit the photo for the full interview.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 11.10.54 AM


“What can honestly be said about Mike Mastroni that hasn’t been said in the last year or so, he’s done a ton of press on our ‘The Finer Things’ video than most riders do in a lifetime. It’s always a slippery slope when a filmer is also a badass rider but prefers to film his friends/ team instead of focusing all the attention on himself. We finally got Mike to sit down and write down a quick THEN (past 5yrs) and NOW for your reading pleasure.”

Motivation in BMX
Then: Make things happen.
Now: Make better things happen.

What gets you pumped to film
Then: New Spots, the right trick, the right song, making it look good, and using our urban environment in ways that are invisible to most people.
Now: The exact same really. I definitely analyze filming a lot more thoroughly now though and strive to get better at what I do. These days it’s all much more of an artistic pursuit for me vs just filming something to “get the trick.”

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