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History Lesson – Jim Cielencki – Ride Parts DVD

Around the turn of the century, before I was working full-time for Ride, I was splitting my time between shooting photos and videos about equally. I was spending a lot of the time with the Kink team—especially Jim Cielencki—who as I’m sure you know, pioneered a lot of tricks and helped progress riding in countless ways (read more about that here). Jim’s section for the Ride video Parts featured a grip of crankflip combos, possibly the first tire ride to 180 on a round flat rail, a switch footed (not opposite) double peg down a rail, front peg/pedal crook, and so much more.

This is my section from the Ride BMX magazine’s video entitled Parts. Mostly shot in 2000 and 2001 by Jeff Zielinski. Filmed in places like the Kona Skatepark pool, B3 Skatepark in Buffalo, Vans Park DC, Buffalo, Rochester, Tallahassee and a whole bunch of other places around the east coast.” —Jim Cielencki


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