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Derby SSquared Race Report – Cyclopark.

The Derby SSquared team arrived at a wet and windy Cyclopark for Rounds 3 and 4 of the National Series. It was bloc racing again with the cruisers going first and Lucas racing really well in a mixed age group. Young Max Clare had three amazing moto’s and was unlucky getting 5th in the quarters. Myles stormed it all the way getting an awesome win in the A final. Zak had to settle for a B final after a very tough semi. He went on to get a 2nd, great result! Riley was pushing all the way but also got the dreaded 5th in the semi. He also went on to get a very respectable 3rd in the B final. Not sure what Jack had for breakfast but he was on fire, bagging his first National A final – a massive achievement in his first year racing Nationals. Charlie fought hard all the way and was in the pack in all his motos but just missed out on the finals. Serenity and Bella both got into the B final in a very tough mixed age group – well done girls! Last to race in Bloc 1 were Max Wildbore and Josh. With over 40 riders it was never going to be easy but they did the team proud with some great moto results, both out in the quarters.
As we moved on to Bloc 2 the rain stopped and the sun came out. Alex, Frankie and Lucas were first to race and despite some respectable racing none managed to get through the quarters. In the 14 boys Jake smashed it, getting a 4th in the A final. 15 boys next with Owen, Cam, Niall and Daniel all fighting for a place in the finals. Dan was unlucky crashing in his last moto but the other three managed to make the finals. Cam 3rd and Owen 6th in the B and Niall 2nd in the A. Katy didn’t have the best start to the weekend, crashing in the first moto and then missing the second. However she came back to race the third moto and kept smiling showing true spirit. Our oldest rider, Jordan was racing Championship men and made it to the A final coming 6th.

Day 2 saw much better weather but still horrible high side winds. Round 4 kicked off with the cruisers but after only one moto Lucas fell badly on his ankle and it was game over. It was a shame as he was riding better than ever. He’ll be back soon! Bloc 1 saw a much improved Max Clare getting his first National A final and coming 5th! A poorly Myles was persuaded to race his final and took a win in the B final. Zak was mega unlucky crashing out in the quarters. He consoled himself with a huge sugar dummy. After a fall in his last moto, Riley dusted himself off and came back to bag an A final. Charlie also crashed out and couldn’t carry on racing – luckily nothing broken. Jack carried on where he left off yesterday with another A final. What a weekend he had! It was a B final for Serenity and Bella again – both rode their pants off.
Bloc 2 kicked off with the 13 boys. Frankie crashed in his 3rd moto and only managed a 5th in the quarter. Alex fared better getting a 3rd in the B final. Once again Jake had great moto results but was unlucky in the semi with a photo finish that didn’t go his way. He went on to win the B final by miles. The 15 boys was always going to be tough. Dan tried his hardest racing in flats but he was moto’d along with team mate Owen. Cam and Niall made it through to the finals, Cam taking a 4th in the B and Niall having the ride of his life, getting his first ever National A final win. Katy came back from her fall yesterday and made it through to the B final. Jordan was unlucky, battling against gale force winds he had an early finish.
Overall an amazing weekend with lots of milestones reached and lots to aim for in Rounds 5 and 6. Thanks to Jo for the tea/coffee supplies and also to Alan for making endless pancakes and Donna for setting up the chocolate fountain. Bring on Scotland. Derby SSquared know how to live!!!

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