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Road Biker Races Ferrari against LA Traffic

Road Biker Races Ferrari in LA

We watch BuzzFeed’s videos all the time. The best are the “fish out of water” shows, where people try strange foods (Australians Try Outback, and US Civilians Try Military Food).

Today, it’s a match between man and machine (actually, WOMAN and machine), as Michelle Khare of the BMW-Happy Tooth road bike team gates-up with a 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia piloted by stuntman Andy Bell (who also adds Race Car Driver, Race Truck Driver and Part-Time Daredevil to his bonafides).

But, this isn’t a race for the fastest quarter-mile, it’s an 18-mile race for Michelle, and a 22-mile race for Andy. The kicker: Andy has to do it during peak LA Traffic, from Woodland Hills to the Santa Monica Pier (101 to the 405, to the 10, and over to the Pier–estimated time: 45 mins). Michelle’s 18 miles has an estimated time of one hour, on a non-freeway route, over Topanga Canyon, to Pacific Coast Highway, and on to Santa Monica.

Let the race begin!

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