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The first stop of the 2015 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup is ready to step-off in Manchester, UK. With 146 riders in Elite Men and 55 in Elite Women, it’s going to be an amazing weekend of racing at British Cycling’s National Cycling Center.

Watching the preview show and seeing Craig Dutton’s photo gallery on Friday (link below), it was awesome to see all our favorite names flying, in full effect on the Manchester track.

BMX News 2015 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp
BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

This is a Saturday/Sunday race, so get ready for double-day action with all our friends, from all over the world, riding with everything they have toward the six podium spots at the end of the line.

Saturday’s action was great in the motos, with a sprinkling of household-name stars who did not achieve a high enough rank at the end of last year to make the auto-qualify–and dozens more of up-and-coming stars looking to make their name in 2015. Since the full Saturday show is embedded below, we’re not going to post the results, but give it a good look, as a nice primer before Sunday’s big show.

If you’re dying for the results, we have posted the BMX-RESULTS.COM link below, which has detailed finish results from each moto round, as well as the time trial Superfinal.

Also below is the player for the Sunday “Big Show,” kicks-off at Noon US Eastern Time (4PM UTC).

Dan’s Comp Preview Show:

Saturday’s qualifying rounds, and Time Trial Superfinal

Sunday’s “Big Show” (Starts at Noon, US Eastern Time – 4PM UTC)



Craig Dutton’s Friday Photo Gallery

Dan’s Comp Website

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