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Product Spotlight: Ringmaster Number Plates & Plate Decals

Ringmaster have well and truly established themselves as a market leader in the MX scene and have brought their decades of knowledge and experience into BMX. Custom number plates and number plate decals aren’t new to BMX, and it’s not really news that Ringmaster Images include them in their product line up, they have been making plates for around two years now.

What Ringmaster do however is offer more options than anyone else we have ever seen.

You can have anything you want from a wide selection of blank pre-designed plate to a fully to something fully customised where you can add your name, and number and customise each with a different font, you can add logos and request additional design elements. If you already have a plate you can do the same with a decal cut to fit popular plates from Dirt Designs to Box. And there’s always Ringmaster’s own plate that is available in 4 sizes.

Now Ringmaster do everything with the highest quality products, and that means everything from the vinyl, to the print ink, to the laminate, to the adhesive, so you can be sure you have the best value for money.

Want to know more? Check them out for yourself.


  • Customise with your name, number, colours and logos
  • Select from numerous pre-designed options
  • Bulk order discounts for your club or team
  • Prices range from $25-40 depending on design
  • High quality ink and materials that are made to last

Check out all the Ringmaster bike stand options at


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