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Is BMX On The Right Path ?

I read this very well worded message from Martin Baxter on FB this morning.
If you don’t know who Martin is , he is the guy that runs Big Daddy Plates and Cyclopark track , he is the guy that ran the national event there a few weeks ago ( along with many other people) and he also runs the South Region events .
Martin puts all his time and energy into running the sport for others to enjoy and it would seem that BMX is getting to the point where the host clubs actually have little or no control over the running of their own event.
For those that are really new to the sport , you would not know how BMX Nationals used to be run …..let me tell you about it, BMX used to be a really relaxed and fun sport ,nationals used to just be racing on a Sunday, so you could turn up at a National event on Saturday and have 2 good practice sessions so you could get the track wired, then after practice you would be able to ride the track as much as you wanted without fear of getting your number taken and disqualified….in one word BMX used to be a lot more “FUN”.
It seems if you want to enjoy racing now then you need to stick to regional events!!
I don’t wanna slag off Nationals but there are a lot of people getting fed up with the way its being run, so who’s fault is it…..are BC to blame , is the Olympic effect to blame or are there just to many racers at the moment???
Anyway back to original point , have a read of Martins message and say what you think……….

Read the message below and have a think about what Martin is saying and tell us your views.

“I’m no BITD drum banger but I want my old sport back !!

I want to go back to when a club could rally round and put on the best event they could without fear of weeks of criticism after the event.

When the expectation of volunteers and venues was realistic, when people appreciated the work done to put on an event and enjoyed themselves and didn’t spend all weekend making mental notes of what went wrong.

When kids weren’t sent by their parents to sit in the entrance of the pens 30 minutes before the session started just so their bitterest rival didn’t get one more lap than them – without regard for the people trying to keep the pens flowing … and were rude when asked to move back 6 ft to let people in.

When a club grew from nothing … Mums and Dads working hard to improve their facilities for the members with the goal of one day, maybe one day having a National race at their track.

When it didn’t matter if your picnic blanket was trackside or you couldn’t see the entire track from the comfort of your fold out chair.

When the things you couldn’t do didn’t outweigh the things you could do.

When kids could sit in the pens and talk about Blue Peter or Lego and not the fact they will get their face smashed in if you beat me, or watch out cos I’m cutting you off or ‘Oi you Engleeessh boy with the small dick’ (one for you Owen!!)

When parents were civil to each other and understood that sometimes things don’t go the way you planned them

When getting to a National final meant something … the tears of parents when their son or daughters names were read out for their first A Final – that only ever happens once. Now it’s blink and you miss it.

Is the sport getting too big for itself??

Why does it appear to be losing its way at National level??

Are the post Olympic super tracks creating a false dawn for the sport??

Has the sport sold its soul to the devil??

Who will save us from ourselves??

Or is it all fine and I’m talking nonsense??”

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