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No Camping @ Birmingham Nationals

Unfortunately there will be no camping available at the Birmingham nationals this year , please read the statement from the club below-


National camping

Birmingham BMX Club will not be having any camping at this year’s National Rounds. Perry Park where we use for camping has the main pipelines for the city running through it for both oil and electricity. Over recent years there has been a number of close misses with pipelines from events that have been put on in the park. As a result Birmingham City Council have now put a ‘no stake’ rule into the park for the immediate future . As it is a ‘no stake’ policy this also applies to camping pegs, awning stakes etc. We have managed to secure an alternative campsite for future events that we host but we could not get the dates for this year.
There are a number of Travelodges and Premier Inn’s in the local area.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause not having camping but we hope you can still join us for the last two rounds of the National series.

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