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Roadtrip Notebook: Oregon 2015

Bryce Betts Roadtrip Notebook: Oregon
By Bryce Betts

It is not very often I look forward to an eight and a half hour drive, but I always look forward to the drive to Redmond, Oregon. Anyone who has been to the tippy-top of California or to Oregon can tell you how beautiful the drive from the Bay Area to Redmond truly is.

Roadtrip Notebook: Oregon 2015

My trip started Thursday at noon, directly after my public speaking class. That gave me just enough time to pick up my friend, and A-Pro, Stephen Smith from the Sacramento Airport at two. Stephen used his miles for a short flight from LA to Sacramento to save some miles in his car. He jumped in my 2006 Audi A3, and we headed up the 5 North.

BMX News Roadtrip Notebook: Oregon 2015

The drive to Redmond is very simple. Both Stephen and I have done it about five times, and there is only one obvious freeway change. It’s known that all you need to do is take the 5 North, then once you get to the town of Weed, hop on the 97 which takes you all the way to Redmond. As you can tell by my screen shot above we missed our exit however. There were multiple hints telling us we took the wrong exit, but we found ourselves mesmerized talking about different sights along the way.

Roadtrip Notebook: Oregon 2015

Once it was dinnertime we were getting hungry and decided to type in the dinner spot I found on yelp the night before. This is when I realized we were completely going the wrong way and needed to get to the 97 North. Luckily we caught the mistake before it was way too late, and hopped on Oregon’s highway 66 (not to be confused with historic Route 66). It ended up being an awesome 45-25mph drive around Emigrant Lake, and through Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument Park. While driving through the winding hills we decided to stop on the side of the road and take a hike to take in the scenery. After hopping a small barbed wire fence, we made our way upward. As you can tell by the photo above, it was totally worth it!

Roadtrip Notebook: Oregon 2015

After the impromptu detour, we arrived to our originally planned dinner stop. The Waffle Hut and Eatery. This is a local spot in Klamath Falls, not far off the freeway, with amazing creative food. I had a waffle, with egg, bacon, and Gouda cheese stacked atop. This place was cheap, and sure beat any fast food stop we would have made otherwise. I highly recommend before leaving on a road trip, to look online for a local dinner spot. Usually you know when you are leaving on a trip, so it’s pretty easy to roughly guess where you will be come dinnertime. I use yelp, but there are plenty of other websites to help find great local food spots. After Waffle Hut Stephen hopped in the driver seat and finished out the drive. We touched down at the house we rented at 11:30pm, and quickly went to sleep.

Bryce Betts Road Trip Notebook: Oregon 2015

After waking up Stephen and I got all of my number plate orders sorted, and we hopped back in the car. We stayed in Bend, just 15 minutes south of Redmond, Oregon (where the race was). Friday morning we ended up driving 15 minutes past bend, to Smith Rock State Park.

Roadtrip Notebook: Oregon 2015

With a few hours to burn, we explored Smith Rock. This is a beautiful place to visit, and if you ever get a chance to visit I highly recommend it. The sheer cliffs of rock face, combined with green trees, and a river cutting through it all is something photos do not do justice.

Roadtrip Notebook: Oregon 2015

We came with intentions of just exploring the river trail down below. This was until we saw the “misery ridge” trail that went all the way to the top of the rock. From the bottom this hike didn’t look very hard, but it ended up being pretty steep at parts, justifying its black diamond marking. At the end of the hour and a half trek to the top, it was completely worth it. I personally have not hiked much, but absolutely loved it at the top.

Roadtrip Notebook: Oregon 2015

After making it to the top we realized we better head down to make our practice. It took us about an hour to get back to our car, and we quickly left to get our bikes and head to the track. A little tired from the hike, I didn’t really worry too much about my gates and wanted to learn the track. I was surprised how challenging the track was in Oregon! The jump into the first turn was tall and deep. The second straight didn’t have much room for pedals, and was all about flow. The third straight is something I had to practice a time or two before nailing down my line. All of these are rare for a relatively small indoor track.

Bryce Betts Roadtrip Notebook: Oregon 2015

After a nights rest we headed back to the track for racing. You can read my race recap here. A few notables for me over the weekend was winning my semi from gate 8 on Saturday, and then getting my first podium of the year in the main. Sunday didn’t go as well, with a crash in the main. I was able to have a little chuckle on the day however, as in my semi I took a little too much caffeine and wheelied out of the gate all the way to the first roller, just barely recovering for a 4th. I try to get better each race throughout the year and I was definitely happy where I was at this weekend.

Above, I’m making a peanut butter & honey sandwich in the parking lot, between motos. This is something I like to do at indoor races when the weather allows you do to so. I think its great for your mind to get away from the hustle and bustle of the track, and just listen to music away from everything. I’m sure it’s not for everyone but it definitely helps me relieve some of the exhaustion that comes with of thinking about racing all day.

Bryce Betts Roadtrip Notebook: Oregon 2015

Another highlight of the weekend was definitely Stephen pulling together a podium on Sunday. After a 7th on Friday, and 7th on Saturday, it was definitely awesome to see him go 3-4-3 in the mains to tie Brandon Cato for Second overall. Brandon won the tie breaker, winning the last main, but this was still an awesome day of racing for Stephen. As you can tell by his “#APFL” (A-Pro-For-Life) crown, Stephen doesn’t take racing as serious as some. Although I personally follow a serious training program with Tony Hoffman, I can respect Stephen taking a more fun approach, doing sprints few and far between.

Bryce Betts Roadtrip Notebook: Oregon 2015

After racing we packed up my car, and headed home. Racing ended at around 3:30, and we were scheduled to land in Sacramento around midnight. We were exhausted and before I made it to the California state line I found myself asking if we were there yet.

Hi-Lo Motel/Cafe in Weed, CA

We fueled up at the Hi-Lo Motel/Cafe in Weed, California and continued home. At this point we were pretty tired. Toward the end we were switching drivers every hour or so, but we made it back safely. We touched down at Stephen’s parents house in Sacramento around midnight. We both stayed the night there, before heading our own ways to our personal homes. Overall it was an awesome trip with many memories outside of just the race!

Editor’s Note: Great job on this and the Re-Cap Bryce! -MC


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