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The team was in action at Round 4 of the WA Super Series held at the Westside BMX Club on April 12, with Matt Butterworth coming back from a disastrous Round 3 where an unavoidable crash put him out for the best part of a month with an arm injury.

Nevertheless Matt was racing in the 40+ Men and had a full gate of riders to go head to head for overall points classification on the day. Matt went through the qualification motos with a 3-2-2 behind Craig Rendell in second place. The fourth and final moto saw Matt take the holeshot and lead until the 3rd straight where Craig Rendell wound up and made the pass around the outside for the win. The second place finish ensured Matt secured the second rung on the podium for the day.

The series now takes a brief hiatus for the National Championships in QLD and returns to Wooree Park BMX in sunny Geraldton on May 31st.

40+ Men (20”)
1st Craig Rendell
2nd Matt Butterworth
3rd Nathan Hanna
4th Steven Donnelly
5th Wayne Evans
6th Martin Phillips
7th Clem Neill
8th John Regali

The team is proudly supported by Dirt Designs, Tioga, Alienation and Supercross BMX.

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