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SX Bonus: Choose Gate 8, Double the Win Money

EliteTrax Double Dice Bonus

Green is the “in” color this BMX SX season, as riders stand to earn more prize and bonus money in 2015 Supercross than ever before.

With the coming of this weekend’s 2015 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup opener in Manchester UK, GSX events added an interesting twist to the program to make things interesting when the main event is run this Saturday.

The EliteTrax “Double Dice” prize will double the winner’s prize money in both Elite Men and Elite Women if they CHOOSE lane 8 as their gate pick. Obvously it’s their pick, so it is strictly optional, but we have seen some amazing lane 8 wins over the years, and this puts a new element in the mix that will make the racing more exciting.

But wait, there’s more: if the same rider manages to win from Lane 8 three times in one season, they’ll earn a $25,000 bonus.

Here’s an excerpt from a press release GSX sent out this morning:

EliteTrax Double Dice Bonus
Normally, the outside lane is not considered the most favorable starting position in BMX racing. The fact that you cannot protect and control the race in the first turn in the same way as being on in the inside is something riders consider when they pick a gate position. Riders can make their own gate pick in the finals based on their semifinal result. The fastest rider in the semifinal heat gets ‘first pick’ on the 8-position starting gate.

The inside gates have always been favorite until the EliteTrax Lane 8 Double Dice showed up. The first rider who picks the empty Lane 8 position on the gate is shooting for double prize money that day.

To make it even more interesting, if the same rider in Elite Men and Elite Women manages to win from Lane 8 three times in one season (The Triple Crown), a prize of US$25.000 will be paid out.

Winning from Lane 8 is certainly not an easy one, but not impossible as history has proven. In 2012 at the Papendal BMX Supercross event Maris Strombergs won the last race before the Olympics from lane 8.

Arielle Martin did the same at the UCI BMX SX in Chula Vista in 2011 in the Elite Women class. Shanaze Reade had a terrible semi final on the demanding SX track in London in 2011 and ended up having to choose Lane 8. She got the holeshot in the final and never looked back in front of an ecstatic home crowd.

Perhaps the most famous win from the outside was the 2010 UCI BMX World Championships Elite Men finals where Maris Strombergs took the rainbow jersey title starting from lane 8.

This EliteTrax Lane 8 Double Dice prize money option is completely voluntarily, since the riders choose their own gate position (based on the time in the previous (semi-final) heat). In this way, no one will be forced to take the Lane 8 option. It is there if a rider feels that he has what it takes!

The EliteTrax Lane 8 Double Dice will be introduced at the first round of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Manchester, England. When the Elite Men and Elite Women line up for the final race of the day, all eyes will be on Lane 8.

As it stands, the USA BMX North American SX Series is the richest BMX racing in the world. The fact that GSX was doing it already made USA BMX want to “go big” to establish the prestige of their series. Now that USA BMX is in the mix—an organization who was not previously involved in promoting their own SX events— GSX is working to bring some innovation to bear on making things more exciting in their races. That’s free market capitalism at it’s best. Or, in a BMX Racer’s context: By racing solid competition, you end up improving your raceday game, too.

All constituencies win on this one, and we’ll be watching with great interest to see if there are any takers on the Double Dice in Manchester.

Here’s the payout table for Manchester this weekend. Elite Men and Elite Women payouts are equal.

1st – EUR 2,866
2nd – EUR 1,666
3rd – EUR 1,000
4th – EUR 800
5th – EUR 666
6th – EUR 600
7th – EUR 500
8th – EUR 400

If the “Double Dice” is achieved, the winner gets an additional $2866 Euros (US$3056).

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