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TCU TV with Erik Elstran and Rob Diquattro

BMX’s newest dynamic duo sat down at the TCU headquarters and talked up a storm about anything and everything. If you want insight into the minds of two very creative, talented, and unique riders, this is for you. Here is what TCU had to say about the interview and then click the link and listen to hear what went down!

“Erik Elstran and Rob Diquattro came out to LA for a week of BMX. I didn’t really think I was going to be able to get them to do TCU TV, Rob because of saltiness and Erik due to shyness, but by the end of their trip Scott and I convinced them to come on and let us interview them. And I’m really fucking thankful they did because this is definitely one of the best interviews we’ve ever done. Instead of covering the usual topics we had an in depth conversation about our shared love for BMX. These guys have an incredibly positive, unique mind state towards riding bikes and the energy is palpable in this video.” – Adam22

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