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Hawk Racing Inc. to Co-Sponsor The USA BMX Nationals 2012 BMX Racing Team!





Thank you Hawk Racing for your support of The USA BMX Nationals 2012 BMX Racing Team! Hawk Racing and Folmer BMX are specialists in wheels for the Road, Triathlon and BMX industry. Hawk Racing Inc. is a Florida based Company making high quality carbon fiber wheels, bottom brackets, accessories and custom clothing.

Special thanks to Rick Jackson for all his hard work on this!

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Brian Nygard
USA BMX Nationals Racing, aka “The Nationals”
Team Organizer
773-217-8002 (Cell / Text / Google Voice)

Please note we are not the ABA, NBL or USA BMX Association. We are an independent USA BMX news and resource website that also has a 2012 BMX racing team called “The Nationals”.

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