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ElstranDED in Denver!

Erik has been bouncing all over the country lately and it appears he got caught in Denver for a while during a bad snow storm. He seems to have made the best of it though as seen in this hilarious and fun edit. There are a lot of antics in here, but the riding is still crazy somehow! Check out what Rob had to say about his edit of Erik:

“Elstran flew into denver during a snowstorm. Out of the 10 days he was here we really only rode one of them. That didn’t stop us from having a great time. We beat Super Mario World (96*), Mario RPG (Culex defeated), and Donkey Kong Country 3. We played ping pong, cooked pizza and tacos, and watched The Office. It was a great time. Can’t wait to have ya back out bud!” – Rob Diquattro

Elstranded in Denver from Rob DiQuattro on Vimeo.

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