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  • Bella lingerie china Hadid Experts Post-Breakup Part Eye throughout the Victoria’s Essential Runway, Officially Wins This There is no Wholesale Bikini this kind of thing like a pleasant post-breakup encounter with an ex lover. You're usually worried whether you look alrigh...

    Posted December 13, 2014 by PracticeBMX

    "The 2015 DK Bicycles Helio complete 20" bmx bike. Featuring FULL chromoly frame, fork, bars, and cranks and all sealed bearings. The Helio is one heck of a deal. Visit for more info or ask about it at your local bike shop!"

  • Profile Racing Shop Tour

    Posted December 11, 2014 by PracticeBMX

  • A Weekend with Dan Lacey

    Posted December 11, 2014 by PracticeBMX

  • BMX Pro Gary Young's Worst Case Scenario Hit & Run Story

    Posted December 11, 2014 by PracticeBMX

    BMX Pro Gary Young tells us a story about when he was trying a trick, fucked up, hit someone's BMW, dent the hood with his peg, and hauled ass out of there. "Before Gary Young became the legendary park shredder that we know today, he may have slammed his steel peg on the hood of a sportscar in a ...

  • Blind Girl Races BMX

    Posted December 10, 2014 by PracticeBMX

    With all the BMX stuff that the top BMX bloggers pommel to your face, this one is a feel good one.  A 9 year old visually impaired girl races BMX. But, she gets help from her dad via bloothtooth. Watch the video to know more.

  • The Sugar Plum Fairy Edit

    Posted December 10, 2014 by PracticeBMX

    The Come Up post a video about the Sugar Plum Fairy with BMX in it (and since the BMX internet scene is in the business of regurgitating shit, I figured: fuck it, let me post this shit too. LOL). For those of you that don't know the Sugar Plum Fairy, it's a musical ballet something similar to The ...

  • Odyssey's Stampy Fork Test

    Posted December 10, 2014 by PracticeBMX

    After watching this I'm pretty sure you could ride easy knowing an Odyssey fork won't give out on you so easily. On a personal note: I really wish they didn't discontinued The Director fork. In my book, they are the BEST BMX fork known to man.

  • Police Had To Smoke Some Bums Out The Skatepark

    Posted December 9, 2014 by PracticeBMX

    "I took way too many years of Spanish and am still horrible at it, but according to Eisen Sheild Skate Co, these ramps in Mexico were burnt down by the police. And, from what I gather, this came about because the old lady was making complaints about the people sleeping in the ramp. Police came and...

  • Above Below Interview Part 1

    Posted December 6, 2014 by PracticeBMX

    There's no riding this one, but if you care Dakota Roche, Dan Lacey, Ben Lewis, Nathan Williams, Ed Zunda, and Fernando Laczko discus some highlight moments from the filming of Above Below. A personal Note: this shit better be some off the chain type shit. The expectation of this video is cr...

  • 2015 Stolen Complete Bikes Preview

    Posted December 6, 2014 by PracticeBMX

    "Here's a quick look at the 2015 Stolen line of complete bikes that are available now.With USA retails from $249.99 - $699.99 we have a bike designed for you. Go to your local bike shop to check them out."

  • A Fallen City Still Standing Tall

    Posted November 30, 2014 by PracticeBMX

    I'm not too big on trailers, I'm more of the type, when it comes to BMX, just get straight to the point (the tricks). But this trailer right here; even though, it's a mixture of Music, skateboarding, photography, and BMX in the fallen city of Detroit, is official! It touch a soft spot of Da Juw. W...

  • 20 Years of Kink Bike Co.

    Posted November 26, 2014 by PracticeBMX

    Check this video how the founder/owner Zack Phillips school us a little bit on the history of Kink. Kink Bikes has been going 20 years strong now. That is what's up. Kink has been one of my favorite BMX company since the early 2000's. Any bike I had through out the years, always had a kink produc...