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  • When you have to write a dozen or so essays in a semester, many of them being research papers, you need all the help you can get. The sad truth is that most students simply fail to complete their academic papers on time. They are also unable to do a good enough job on each paper to secure a top grad...
  • Step one in making sure an appropriate and comfortable workout schedule is the finding the ideal golden goose sneaker footwear. Sneakers are footwear that can help your feet maintain a very good grip whilst you are jogging, functioning or performing exercises. You might have to have to make certain ...
  • It’s easy to get stuck when you are writing an essay, there are many pitfalls and a simple problem can waste huge amounts of time. Thankfully, there are many people and places which you can turn to for help, which will not only save you time but will save you a huge amount of effort. Having he...
  • Bella lingerie china Hadid Experts Post-Breakup Part Eye throughout the Victoria’s Essential Runway, Officially Wins This There is no Wholesale Bikini this kind of thing like a pleasant post-breakup encounter with an ex lover. You're usually worried whether you look alrigh...
  • When You Don’t Know the Basics

    Posted February 26 by Thelma

                            There are basic aspects of doing almost anything. But, how do you do something that you don’t know the basics of doing? Naturally, you will seek help of a friend, a relative, a neighbor, or anybody that is fam...

  • Remembering Mirra

    Posted February 4 by PracticeBMX


    Posted April 20, 2015 by PracticeBMX

    It seems that BackBone has been working on this DVD for 3 years now... And now... It's finally completed. It will be premiered at the 2015 ACT Jam that is going down in June in Canberra. By the looks of this trailer... This Video is going be a killer!

  • Simple Session 2015: Finals

    Posted April 20, 2015 by PracticeBMX

  • Simple Session 2015 – Qualifying Results

    Posted April 19, 2015 by PracticeBMX

    Only if you care... Here are the full results from today’s qualifying. Don’t forget to jump online April 19th at 11am to watch the finals on their live feed 'cause it’s going to be crazy!

  • Why The Z Coaster?

    Posted April 17, 2015 by PracticeBMX

      Zcoaster tutorial:   Z Coaster Slack Cam Removal and Installation:    Z-Coaster Slack-Cam Ring A. 20, 33, and 45 Degrees: So... Why the Z Coaster? As I was creating this blog post, I went over to Dans Comp to check out this Z Coaster specs (Axle: 14mm Hollow C...

  • What's Beef?

    Posted April 13, 2015 by PracticeBMX

    Looks like Mike Spinner and Alistair Whitton is going at it on Twitter about pulling a 1080 or a quad whips. Alistair is saying to pull either trick in a foam pit, and Mike is saying to step up and be a man and pull either one of those tricks over a box. It's heating up! LOL

  • 5050 Skatepark Staten Island Screen Printed Baseball T Shirts

    Posted April 9, 2015 by PracticeBMX

    I was peeping the 5050 Skatepark YouTube page, and I found this little edit. This doesn't have any bike riding, or showing of the park, but it's a cool edit of the design process that does down in screen-printing their Baseball T's. 

  • Darryl Nau Is Now on S&M

    Posted April 6, 2015 by PracticeBMX

    "Two hands coming together make a wonderful sound, so lets give it up for the newest member of the Shield Squad..."  That's a pretty cool opening entry. But if there's anyone who deserve a place on any BMX team... It's Darryl Nau. I've known Darryl Nau for over a decade now, (wow h...

  • The Wethepeople Smuggler Seat and Socket Seatpost

    Posted March 19, 2015 by PracticeBMX

    Next to the Animal Tool (Kotulak) and Shadow Conspiracy's Multi Tool, this is the most official tool on the BMX market to date. This really going to eliminate any need to carry tools in your pocket or badpack. 


    Posted March 5, 2015 by PracticeBMX

    Peep Game dropped this promo edit not too long ago. Despite the weed smoking, this reminds me on a Gap commercial. I guess I'm trying to say, this is a well put together promo. Go check them out at the Peep Game Site

  • Kink Bikes #JUSTCRUISING

    Posted March 2, 2015 by PracticeBMX

    So the Kink dudes took a Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship as their main mode of transportation a couple of years back. By the looks of things, they had a pretty awesome time. Shh-it, wish I could of rolled with them. "Vacation time with the 2013 Kink Pro Team. We boarded the Royal Caribbean "Free...