There isn't a luxury bag in your collocation. How do you do it?


    Perhaps it is naturally sensitive to sparks, and it doesn't really feel good about seasonal design. Evergreen style is the first choice. Although it can't be used for a lifetime, it doesn't end in just one or two seasons. For a working class with a small budget, it is definitely a good thing to buy a brand-name handbag to reward yourself.


    The perfect size of the Classic Box Bag is perfect for everyday use, both on the shoulders and as a shoulder bag. The Classic Box Bag has a wide variety of colors and leathers every season. It comes in two sizes, starting at £1,750 for a small size and £2,300 for a medium size.


    The Classic Flap is available in four sizes - small, medium/large, mega and max sizes. Buying The Classic Flap is one of the most reliable investments. why? According to the Baghunter report, the value of the bag has grown by an astonishing 70% since 2010! For a £3,200, you can have a classic black "caviar" leather handbag, and paying £4,000 or more will give you the largest size leather The Classic Flap.


    The Lady Dior has a wide variety of colors and materials every season, and the lowest price is the £1900 mini The Replica Lady Dior Handbags. You can also purchase a vintage model on eBay.


    Kelly's creation takes up to 25 hours of craftsmanship, and unfortunately, its chance of possession is as difficult as Birkin. Kelly's price is around £7,000, but with the rarity of Kelly (or Birkin), its value will only increase.


    Although Prada called the Replica Prada Handbag a Galleria, it is also known as the Saffiano Lux handbag. After the leather of the product was made, it was first created and patented by the founder of the then creative director Miuccia Prada and grandfather Mario Prada.


    Named after the childhood game, Peekaboo features a small bag that is easily opened by a central buckle at the top of the bag. It's designed to get all the essentials quickly, without wasting time looking for the items you need in the spacious interior compartment.


    Just as we are all keen to imitate Alexa Chung, we have more reasons not only to invest in Mulberry's "Alexa" handbags, for example, if you resell Alexa, you can get up to 48% of the price. .


    Since JW Anderson joined Loewe, the handbag design is naturally the main design, a bag of multi-purpose Puzzle Bag has long been a classic, the next classic handbag style will be Hammock handbags, inspired by the hammock, can have multiple backs In addition to the basic color, this spring and summer has been printed with the words "See You Later", which is more interesting.


    When the brand has a new design coach, the club will launch a signature handbag series. After joining the Dior, Maria Grazia Chiuri launched a series of handbags called "J'Adior". J'Adior means Dior. The J'Adior word is enlarged and placed in the design. The elegant design penetrates into the high street smell. The square design is easy to match. It can also be used as a clutch bag. It is also seen on the FW17 bridge. Investment is not a good thing, so as not to become a real classic, the price increase is very high.


    Celine's handbags have always been classic, and the simple design is not limited by time. This spring and summer, Replica Celine Handbags new Clasp series is designed in a modern style, with five styles to choose from, Medium, Cabas and Mini, among which Medium Clasp is the most popular and degraded. Lines and classic double-triangular pleats allow the style to move between vintage and modern, with an emphasis on easy-to-match, whether it's a work outfit, an important banquet or a casual wear.


    When it comes to Prada, everyone may be more impressed with her outfit. Since the last season, Prada has introduced the Cahier series, the square design of the square, and the metal trim, the style has a different style, the side back design is easy to match the shape.


    Others laughed at it like red, white and blue, but it was red and half-baked. I believe that many people who stand in the high morals of fashion will criticize the design of Demna Gvasalia, but it does make Balenciaga sell it. This design called Bazar Bag is constantly introducing new colors, in addition to the terms, it has a more solid design. The fine size can be sideways. On the FW2017 flyover show, Demna Gvasalia is paired with Balenciaga's classic evening dress, which shows the importance of Bazar bag.