How to maintain the violin

  • Do you know how to protect your violin? Let's us to learn it:

    1. Usually use the volin strings to apply the neck of the violin. Do not grab the head (the shaft part) to avoid loosening the strings. Also, do not use your hands to grasp any part of the body, so as to avoid oil or sweat on your hands from damaging the paint.

    2, during the violin break, put the violin in a suitable place, do not put the violin on the bed, chair and other places that are easy to be sitting and touching.

    3. Each time you finish the violin, put the violin into the violin case, cover it with a soft cloth, and fasten the violin case to avoid accidentally dropping the violin from the violin case. When the box is placed upright, do not put it upside down, and the head should be up. When laying flat, do not reverse, the cover should be on. Also, do not place heavy objects in the case.

    4. The violin should be placed in a cool, dry place.

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