I engaged in Pax West 2018 held in Seattle

  • 'Maple Story','Maple Story 2','Maple Story M' Korea Development team appreciated most of the 550 fans and'Maple Story' was celebrating the 13th anniversary of Maplestory 2 Mesos for sales Global Service. To be able to give back to the fans who have been steadfastly loving, I declared various information events like the question and response of the development group, the costume drama, as well as the quiz series.

    This event, which was broadcasted online through Twitch, announced the debut of'Maple Story 2' content and unveiled the schedule of closed pilot test beginning from May 9, also declared global launch. In addition, he got a warm welcome from customers who have been awaiting for Maplestory 2 global service for a long time and also announced the global service program of MapleStory M, a mobile game which has finished global trial testing in January.

    On the other hand, in the outdoor terrace of the event venue, a booth selling'Maple Story' Goods, that was made by four artists chosen in Korea, has been operated. 'Pink Blank Wool Doll',''Pink Bean Mug',''Kinesis''And so on. "With the new maple story IP names, I would like to ask for your attention because I'll be supplying services"

    By August 31st to September 3th, I engaged in Pax West 2018 held in Seattle and opened the'Maple Story' theme booth and met assorted fans.Through PAX,'Maple Story' winter update'Black Wizard' was revealed,'Black Wizard' cartoon was shown in a little theatre,'Maple Story' shop was opened, and Official Goodies was sold. MapleStory two, which was started shortly after launch, and Maple Story 2, a month ahead of its launch, introduced a selection of game contents including unpublished content to visitors.

    Additionally, MapleStory and Global Maple Story teams visited the stalls to meet up with North American users and posted questions, answers, and signatures.Since its founding in 1994, it has established a company in america in 1997 and continues to be engaged in online game business targeting the North American market in the beginning.

    It had been created in 2005 as a Maple story M Mesos North American corporation of Nexon Company. Nexon was initially noticed as a pioneer in this field after introducing the'Free to Play' version to the North American game marketplace. It has become a leading online game company in the North American game market, which has been the middle of video games in the moment. Maplestory, MapleStory M, MapleStory 2, and Mabinogi are serving the global markets like North America, Europe, Oceania and South America.