Know Everything about Spanish Residency Visa, Permit and Rules

  • Are you planning to visit Spain to live, study or work? If yes, then you are at right place. If you are planning to visit Spain then you must be aware of the fact if you need to apply for Spanish visa as there are some other permits available which allow you to live, study and work in Spain. Those who are completely unaware of the procedure they need to follow in order to legally travel to Spain then you are advised to read the guides written by different writers on Spanish residency visa rules, permit and application forms.

    You are advised to pick up the best guide that contains information for all the people who are of different nationalities. If you don’t have the time to visit a Spanish embassy or seek consultation from your home country then these Spanish residency guidebooks will be instrumental for you. If you are looking for a guidebook to know more about the Spanish residency, permit and rules then picking up the best guidebook is what a wise person does.

    The permanent or short-term legal acquiescence to stay in Spain is called as Spain residence permit or visa. The Spanish residency is categorized in two different versions which are listed below:

    • EU Citizens

    • Non-EU Citizens

    If you are an EU citizen you have to hold a green card which does not contain any personal detail or photo. The non-EU citizen needs to hold a blue or pink card which contains your personal details along with the passport size photo.

    You’d need to become a resident of Spain if you spend more than 90 days in Spain, therefore it’s necessary that you have a Spanish residency visa or you may get penalized. If you are in search of a proper guidebook which helps you know everything about the Spain residency visa, permit and rules then you are recommended to should read one of the guides published by Torrevieja Translation.

    Their books are renowned and written by the author David Ruiz, who has the experience of helping people getting settled in Spain and well-aware of the difficulties people get availing Spanish residency visa, permit, and rules. The guides at Torrevieja Translation were written keeping these difficulties in mind. You will get to know about various Spanish residency rules while reading Torrevieja Translation. Not only this but their books also clear the doubts pertaining to Spanish residency visa and permit.

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