We might get a Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic movie or T

  • Star Wars: The Cavaliers of the Old Republic movie or TV show may be in progress, and Lucas Films president Catherine Kennedy revealed that "something" related to the title is currently being developed.

    Kennedy recently accepted an interview with MTV, suggesting that there may be a movie or program related to the above, claiming that Lucasfilm is "developing something" but warned that although one project is under development, nothing has been confirmed as moving forward. . Some people in the movie are invincible, and players in the game need to get stronger by getting SWTOR Credits. They are totally different.

    "Now I don't know where things will happen, but we have to be careful, the rhythm of Star Wars doesn't start to feel too much," she added, suggesting that the results don't just depend on whether or not Lucasfilm thinks it can be the old republic. Great knight content.

    Although she didn't mention it, Disney's problems may also feel that they have recently injected too many Star Wars into the market, because in the 7th and 8th episodes, Rogue 1 and Solo have been released in recent years. Her rhythm does show that Star Wars movies may be more spaced than their closest movies, so it's impossible to determine if there is room for the old Republic movie or show knight.

    Despite the obvious skepticism, players still have reason to be optimistic about the possibility of the New Republic's new Cavaliers, simply because it is being considered. Kennedy’s public discussion of it can also be seen as a huge positive factor.

    Following the first Old Republic game developed by BioWare in 2003, the games in the game community were very popular, and the indispensable SWTOR Credits US in the game was also purchased by a large number of people. A year later, the sequel to RPG was developed by Obsidian, but LucasArts cancelled the third part during the company's struggle.

    In 2011, Star Wars: The Old Republic came back when it was released; and the game continued to expand, and the latest set will be completed in September. Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic can be used on PCs, original Xbox, Android and iOS devices. With their backward compatibility, it can still play on Xbox 360 and Xbox.