Mavericks place their money on former professional gambler as '

  • The Mavericks want to hire a former professional sports gambler inside role of "strategic thinker," reported, citing the move as another example of what sort of NBA is embracing the gambling industry.
    Bob Voulgaris, who for years produced living betting on NBA games, will carry the title?director of NBA Live Mobile Coins for sale quantitative research and development, unidentified?league sources told ESPN.
    Known for his deep analytics, expertise on coaches' strategies?and individual on-court officials' tendencies, Voulgaris' popular Twitter feed regularly offered NBA information, opinions and data.
    According to ESPN, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is anticipated, to some extent, to use?Voulgaris "being a strategic thinker which will help examine on-court strategy in big-picture ways."
    The NBA is at the forefront of embracing the state-by-state legalization of sports wagering as teams are inspired to improve use data and betting expertise, not just for on-court performance and also to create new revenue streams. Now more ways to buy bargain NBA Live Mobile Coins, as an example, visit official mmoah site.