Dita Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie Von Teese Stocking Collection.

  • Dita Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie Von Teese Stocking Collection. Proper nylons!

    Now these are not just stockings made to look wholesale Christmas costumes like they're from yesteryear, they are made to the exact standards of the 1950's including a hand sewn back seam. Proper nylons


    !The company behind corset skirts sets the Dita Von Teese stocking collection is Secrets in Lace and they've been making authentic vintage lingerie since 1984 and the lingerie they make has been used by wardrobe stylists, costumers, stage performers and retro lingerie enthusiasts worldwide for many years.

    Launched back in 2001, the Dita Von Teese collection  is designed for everyday use, these are tough nylons that also look really authentic too and are the same products the Dita uses in her performances all over the world. They are made from 100% nylon, have hand sewn backseams and come with the Dita's trademark logo on the welt.