World of Warcraft Invades Heroes with the Storm, Here's Everyth

  • World of Warcraft's next expansion, Battle for Azeroth, brings the strain between the Horde and Aliance factions to its climax. With the tumultous history ultimately causing one epic battle, it is time to bring this beloved franchise into another highly cherished game from your team at Blizzard. That game is Heroes with the Storm.

    Heroes in the Storm is usually a sandbox MOBA that blends some in the most iconic games into one online experience. We've seen franchises like Diablo, Starcraft, even Overwatch make their way into the Buy Warmane Gold Nexus but one Blizzard staple is suspiciously missing - so far that is. Now Heroes players can proclaim their faction proudly again with the latest addition towards the popular title this also time, it is all about that WoW.

    So what's new with World of Warcraft's invasion? We're finding a new map, a whole new event, a whole new hero, and tons more! Blizzard recently told us, "The conflict between your Horde as well as the Alliance rages on in the Nexus with all the upcoming Warcraft-event: Echoes of Alterac! Battle for glory on Alterac Pass, a fresh battleground inspired through the iconic World of Warcraft battleground, Alterac Valley. Choose a side, then develop a series of quests to unlock your faction’s a portrait, banner, and mount! And don’t forget to Oultand Gold indicate your Azerothian spirit with new skins, mounts, sprays, and also other cosmetic items—as well for an all new Warcraft hero, Yrel, the Light of Hope."