Latest Dev Q&A as well as a Teaser of Things to Come

  • This week in  POE Trade , things were humming along around the way to The Fall of Oriath expansion that has a nice preview of some with the locations that players may find. In addition, the group published the final part of its community Q&A, also as an in-house interview with Rachael, a member on the Customer Support team. It's another excellent week for being an Exile!

    We read lots of feedback and questions in the community, so none in the Q&A ones surprised us, but there are some awesome ones! Our favourite ones are questions that inquire about office life, how to get involved to game development, or give to us an opportunity to address community concerns. The most memorable one was "Is it OK to feel guilty for killing an albino rhoa? The poor thing was scared and running away, and I slaughtered it. Does which will make me a bad person?". This is an intriguing ethical dilemma!

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