Greubel Forsey Tourbillon with GTM integration

  • While this new watch for the Greubel Forsey GMT watch history and create a new era.Over the past decade to explore Dian Dian invention to develop new tourbillon mechanism in the world, Greubel Forsey founder, Mr. Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey now to Mr. Tourbillon --GMT in conjunction with other complex technologies, and to their own unique natural way to interpret it. While this extraordinary excellent watch, Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey have focused on running a second time zone display, namely GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), as a navigator for historical reference meridian. This is a very practical complications, and has been a great connoisseur of evaluation, for the second time zone around the world often businessman Dian Dian outbound travelers as well as those of family and friends around the world of people and set. Loyal to the brand philosophy and constantly striving for perfection and innovation, the conventional way of displaying a second time zone Greubel Forsey has gone beyond.  Best replica ulysse nardin with a three-dimensional Dian extraordinary way to show time: a most primitive natural reading time around the world the way a spinning globe.The poetic Dian teach people marvel of technology, providing a new way not reading area for us at the same time.

    Is located in a prominent position 8 o'clock, "in flight" Earth subtly fixed to one end of the rotating shaft - "Antarctic" - so intricate surface provides optimal viewing angle, and by a strong and earth Fengyun lightweight titanium metal sphere manufacture. Greubel Forsey GMT watch with a three-dimensional Dian extraordinary way to show time: a time to read the most primitive natural way around the world a rotation of the Earth.NATURAL Zheke same direction of rotation of the Earth and, every 24 hours to complete one rotation counter-clockwise, continents ring position just 24 hours circadian index scale cross-references the equator.Hemisphere night - 18:00 and 6:00 - to the Earth revolves around this black half-ring as a display, while the hemisphere during the day --6: 00 to 18:00 - that means white half-ring.From the window side of the case to the other side views of this earth, not only in daytime light displayed through this transparent small window on the earth, and the small window to see more from the part of the southern hemisphere.


    For example, at noon time in England, the audience can see at a glance This is the beginning Geneva or Rome in the afternoon, and in the East Coast sun is only just rising, and the Far East is the night.A glance is enough to know the time anywhere in the world, on the contrary, the audience takes longer to watch the production of this exquisite little details of each planet, enjoy the process of aesthetic completely. Fengyun outside intuitive interpretation of the earth, the second time zone is displayed in 12-hour small-cap at 10 o'clock supplement, accurately display the time specified in a second country or city, just flick Case 10 o'clock Quick Setup button to adjust the position of the dual function. Stacked designed around the dial in a clockwise direction the main display comprising: a main dial minutes to 1 hour o'clock position of the dial small seconds at 2 o'clock, while the sector is a 3 o'clock power reserve display.

    GMT watch is equipped with movement Greubel Forsey specially developed, tilted 25 degrees revolution every 24 seconds tourbillon, patented invention is one of the main brand.In addition to its exquisite timing function and reliability, and its small size, it can provide more space for other complex devices. Sense of space aspects, replica ulysse nardin classico the distribution of elements on a perfect balance.The thickness of the case is small and located in the earth 24 seconds tourbillon 5:00 provides ample space for forming a triple asymmetric, circular design of the respective small dial a Zhang Li, at the same time, there is no contradictions and conflicts.

    The thickness of the case is small and located in the earth 24 seconds Tourbillon 5:00 provides ample space for forming a triple asymmetric


    Flip GMT watch, can be found through a perfect manufacture of "World Time" watch the back of the chassis, engraved with the names of 24 cities, representing the world's time zones.Urban areas associated with each time scale in the respective outer ring, the inner ring is provided with a scale and summer time display city, only the earth side of the face plate is adjusted to the correct position.


    Watch case back to a glorious sun slightest issue, the time for the world as a visual reference to the chassis noon, so startlingly ambitious While this movement is more radiant.


    GMT watch has Greubel Forsey's most advanced name of the most sophisticated processing technology and attention to detail the characteristics of quality assurance.Manual processing using the full range of conventional techniques, including buffing graining Dian Dian Dian chamfering grinding plane and Dian matte black finish, beautiful excellence is exemplary.


    Technology, the movement part 436, of which 87 for the tourbillon cage, weighs only 0.36 g.Two coaxial mainspring barrel connected to provide 72-hour power reserve, with the balance wheel movement, vibration frequency 21,600vph / 3Hz hairspring and mainspring Philips terminal curve.


    Black board and motherboard are polished by hand sanding Dian Dian grained matte markings Dian Dian chamfered and polished flat.18K gold dial with manufacturing, the entire movement device within the diameter of 43.50 mm gold case, a thickness of 16.14 mm.The entire case are bordered curved Lan Baoshi crystal glass, comprising a bottom cover and the side surface Dian window, the whole anti-reflective treatment.Watch with a hand-sewn black alligator leather strap with Greubel Forsey platinum folding clasp.