The Soul Worker can advertise premium items

  • Gameforge Studio will continue to develop MMORPG SoulWorker Dzenai , the state output of which is from the western region was held just with the beginning of April. During on this occasion, the group has already released several updates. So, there is really a new PvP-activity "Dimension Trip", designed to the highest level players, and using the release in the recent patch significantly expanded their list of premium items that is usually sold at auction for game currency.
    This shows that now users that have been can not buy goods are the real deal money or simply don't wish for this, were capable of get virtually any thing, for around only one time. On one other hand, players Cheap SoulWorker Dzenai are competent to spend real money about the items within a premium store, then can provide, trade or sell them for play money, thereby enhancing the well-being of one's character.
    All together with the release of an update new rules affected 21 items, including tickets to reset talent, name change, armor restoration, regeneration, and a lot more.