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  • Well, a present in the kind of a pretty For Fortnite items Honor game-changing bug. The patch's insect allowed all non-assassin heroes to gain an instant guard. Normally Vanguards, Hybrids, and heavy heroes possess a 100ms delay to their guard switching. This means that non-Assassins can defend considerably more successfully than ever before. Attacks normally considered too fast to react to could now get countered. This bug obtained a fix in patch 1.27, but it signifies that a considerable decline in Assassin performance in the Season 6 analysis.

    So what is the throw looking?

    The most affected hero by the unintended stance change was Berserker. This hero stays fairly untouched lately, yet was weak this season in comparison. An explanation for fortnite weapons this is that among Zerk's main tools -- 400ms chain lighting -- was nullified by quicker stance switching. This season also reveals Centurion, Warden, and Lawbringer increasing considerably in success rate. In addition, this is a result of the bug.

    Here's a more comprehensive look at our favourite medieval stompers:


    Conqueror is still very strong in 1v1 combat. And many For Honor gamers are still complaining about his Shield Bash. Nevertheless, his worst match-ups pose some insight too. Conq fares the weakest this year against famous counter-attackers. Ubisoft feels that rather than nerfing his bash, it is better to enhance other poorer tools.