Tera gold is teaming up with Attack on Titan

  • You see,  tera gold is teaming up with Attack on Titan allowing players to trick out their personalities in uniforms from the anime.The collaboration was declared today, and from what we've gathered, the event will go live on May 2, and most of races are going to have the ability to use the Strike on Titan uniforms.

    Now, you shouldn't expect much here since the uniforms are the primary attraction and nothing more. It might have been much better if players can take advantage of some of the weapons and assault fashions from the anime, but that is not going to occur.

    Hopefully, the Strike on Titan and TERA teams come together to create this event available in the not too distant future for fans outside Japan.Everyone who's interested deserves to get involved, so, we are calling on the powers that be to make it happen.

    TERA Wants You To Hunt Egg Thieves

    For MMORPGs, sometimes its the buy Tera Gold simplest of things that can result in a grand event in the game. After all, with a massive world to participate in, a lot of species to interact with, and so much more, it is often quite easy to think about something to use as a catalyst to get a grand event. And as revealed in their Steam page, you're going to be going on a truly noble pursuit of quitting egg thieves.