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  • WOW classic: Troll



    Troll is the fictional race of the online game World of Warcraft, also known as the trolls. It has different performances in different literary or electronic game works, but most of them are evil monsters, so they are commonly called Troll. This nation is often a deadly enemy with the elves.

    Physical characteristics
    Troll is seven feet high and two hundred pounds. With the exception of the two tribes, Zandalari and Dhakale, they are usually slightly larger than the rest of the compatriots. However, in other tribes, there are still some scattered bodies that are far more than other members of Troll. We will continue to discuss these so-called "malformed" Trolls in more depth below. A small number of Trolls are amazingly large and have more muscular strength than the rest of the compatriots. There is no ethnic difference between them and the rest of Troll. Their distinctive body and muscle organization may be attributed to a complex set of factors. For example, these Trolls may have been altered by some alchemy or magic, or they may only grow larger than regular Trolls. Although the Troll family generally discriminates against foreigners, these giant Trolls are fortunately not considered to be monsters by the rest of Troll. Essential in World of Warcraft is Buy WOW Classic Gold. With the help of these coins, the player's personal strength can grow rapidly. So Vanilla WOW Gold got the crazy pursuit of players in the game.

    Racial characteristics

    Ethnic initiative
    Increases attack speed and casting speed by 30%. When you activate when the health is full, the acceleration effect is 10%. When the health is lower, the skill is activated. The acceleration is higher, up to 30% - for 10 seconds. - Cooling time is 3 minutes.
    Ethnic passive skills
    Add an extra bonus of 10% life recovery speed.
    Beast killer
    Ethnic passive skills
    Increases the 5% damage to the Beast.

    Tribal relations

    With night elves
    No one knows the exact origin of the night elves, a race that was formed long and long ago, so there is not enough definitive evidence to prove or falsify any hypothesis about this. What is certain now is that a night-time humanoid tribe once lived on the shore of the original Eternal Well. And the vast boundless power of the well turned them into the night elves we know today.
    Obviously many Troll believe that the so-called "night-walker creatures" are exactly Troll. This hypothesis is still somewhat credible. After all, in terms of physique and appearance, Troll and the night elves are indeed more or less similar. In addition, long before the night elves gained power, the Troll family had ruled most of the area of ​​the ancient Kalimdor continent (the only continent of Azeroth before the landslide).

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