In the 4th minute

  • At the opening, the team occupied a certain amount of NHL Coins initiative on the court. In the 4th minute, under the instigation of team No. 2 center Nolan Patrick, the trapeze team launched a wave of offensive, and Patrick assists guard Brandon Manning to shoot consecutively. It poses a certain threat to the penguins. However, in the middle of the game, the Penguins took advantage of 4 more 4s to control the scene. Under the leadership of Yevgeny Malkin, the second most prolific center of the game, the Penguins took the lead in shooting numbers. The trapeze team. The Penguins used the advantage of technology to win two or more chances in the first quarter. However, the special team of the team was very brave. They used to create fewer penalties for the penguins in the case of less defense and more. Offensive of the visiting team.


    However, in the 18th minute, the Penguins again won fewer chances. This time they did not let the opportunity slip away. In 18 minutes and 35 seconds, the penguins' strong play team formed a siege in the frontcourt. Their outstanding pass was ripped off. With the help of the team's defense, Sini Crosby sent the ball to the bottom line. Malkin scored a slight adjustment afterwards and sent an exquisite cross game. The ball broke through the doubles of the Rider guard Radek Goudas. After the leg, find Fair Cassell, who was unmarked on the other side. The latter scored an open shot from close range and led the 1-0 penguin.