Titan team started the next quarter

  • Easy side battles the second half, the chiefs trapped in the near-end Travis - Kelsey injured offensive obviously blocked, and the Titan team also began to make mistakes in turn sent the ball, but fortunately the Titans defensive group at this moment the chiefs Score control unchanged. Titan offensive group infected by the defensive group, the use of a wave of time-consuming 8 and a half minutes of attack, Mario tower end of the first five yards intend to pass the ball was the result of the Emirates corner Darrell - Reeves shot back To the hands of Mario Horta, Mario Hota satisfied with the ceremony to Madden Coins complete touchdowns, 21:10.


    Titan team started the next quarter, the fourth quarter competition, a large number of raiders make Titans chance to find a run, Run Wei Derek - Henry out of the pocket after the ball out of the pocket ran 35 yards to the terminal area to complete touchdowns, double hair The total score officially reduced to a ball, but then Titan's two-point conversion reimbursement because of the wrong start of the attack team, 21:16. Titan team boasted, Mario Hota re-sent divinity, the red zone in the long pass accurate guidance to find the receiver Eric - Decker, the latter touchdowns go-ahead score, then Titan again choose two-point conversion Unfortunately, Mario Special was captured and killed, Titan 21:22 go-ahead score.