Once you have a number of cards

  • However, when you hit Dungeoneering, the challenge will be harder, much like the Arena in Hearthstone. The rewards are better and you need to know the cards well in order to construct a balanced deck.

    Once you have a number of cards, you can start to build competitive decks for each of your legends. It is important to note that each legend has their own win condition. This needs to be identified if you want to build a solid deck for them.

    An example of this will be Ariane who has lots of spells. She will need to https://www.lolga.com/runescape-gold utilize them through the match to bring her opponent’s life total to a minimum. However, if you are playing Raptor, they have a completely different set of cards. They grant him a lot of armor so he can survive against a range of strong hits.

    Most of the player on the ladder will copy someone’s deck and play it without really knowing the thought process behind the choices I the deck. This lack of knowledge will stop them from getting higher on the ladder. This means that if you want to success, you will need to analyze each match and make conclusions after the fact.


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