The two-point shot made the big city score 3-0

  • In the second half of the second game, the Metropolis attacked. The second club, Frazier, fought nine goals and shot the left field homer. Yang Chung helped the Metropolis to take the lead, 1-0. Afterwards, Nemo hit another third base and Cabrera once again attacked Yankee. The two-point shot made the big city score 3-0. However, Bruce and Conforto did not continue to MLB The Show 18 Stubs score. The first game ended.


    In the first half of the third game, the first hitter was Yankee pitcher Hermann. This was the first time in his career but the striker was out. The new superstar Torres fired his 11th homer this season. Yankee recovered 1 point, 3-1; Hicks did not continue the long game in the first game and was kicked by Maz; Judge also did not contribute to roll the ball out. In the second half of the third half, the Metropolitan shortstop Rosario first hit a first base and then succeeded in stealing a second base. Frazier was struck afterwards, and Nemo was contacted to save and one went out. Second baseman; Cabrera's small fly out, Bruce hit, Hermann made a shot to push the runners to second and third bases, but Bruce was a striker, the Metropolis did not score.