Although the trailer makes it look pretty grim for new players

  • However, fans of the survival multiplayer game say that these live action cinematics can do a good job of ARK Items letting people know what the ARK experience is all about. Although the trailer makes it look pretty grim for new players, many seem to agree that this is in line with their experience as newbies. Part of the fun is being able to build up skills and avoid becoming a dinosaur’s lunch or getting decimated by a player who has been playing the game for far longer.


    Though, some have also joked that the live action trailer didn’t represent the game’s lag well enough. As ARK: Survival Evolved sales continue to increase, helped by these new clips, that’s something that Studio Wildcard can work on. That way, the game can accommodate all of these new faces and the existing players hoping to give them a grizzly welcome too.


    Studio Wildcard is confirmed to have Ark: Survival Evolved cross-play running on PlayStation 4 internally, according to Co-Creative Director Jeremy Stieglitz. Stieglitz had been discussing Ark‘s potential Xbox One X settings on Twitter when he was asked by a player if there will “ever be a way” to cross-play between Xbox and PlayStation. Replying that while cross-play ran fine internally, Stieglitz added that it would not go live because “Sony won’t allow it.”