Kobe had advised me not to ignore criticism from outsiders

  • Earlier, Warriors forward Draymond Greene had a podcast show. He had a conversation with the host. During this time, Green talked about the advice given to him by the Lakers Kobe Bryant after the 2016 Finals were suspended.

    Greene revealed to the host that he had been very concerned about what the fans and the media thought of him. Kobe told Green that he should not expect people to understand him while chasing the great road.

    The host said, "He (refers to Kobe) said that if you wait for them to NBA Live Coins understand you, if you wait for that, then 'you're too jealous (swearing)...'. That's what he said. Yes, right?"

    Green responded: "Yes, yes. He is talking about facts. I have to wait for them to understand them for the rest of my life, and they will never understand. Guess what, I'm..."

    So far this season, Green averaged 32.5 minutes per game and was able to contribute 11.1 points, 7.7 rebounds, 7.2 assists, 1.39 steals and 1.34 blocks.