Why The Z Coaster?


    Zcoaster tutorial:


    Z Coaster Slack Cam Removal and Installation:


     Z-Coaster Slack-Cam Ring A. 20, 33, and 45 Degrees:

    So... Why the Z Coaster? As I was creating this blog post, I went over to Dans Comp to check out this Z Coaster specs

    (Axle: 14mm Hollow Chromoly
    Driver: 1-pc Chromoly
    Driver Bearings: (x2) Verify bearing number on side of rubber seal
    Driver Pawls: 3 Pawl "Z" Shaped
    Driver Spring: Wraparound (x1)
    Hardware: Alloy axle nuts & non-drive cone / chromoly jam nuts
    Hub Shell Bearings: (x2) /  behind driver
    Weight: 20.6 oz)

    Oh, and the price is... $357.99! 

    Yeah, "holy shit" is right. Don't get me wrong, the hub looks cool, and having the cassette sound with the freecoaster is a dope idea. But, the price is crazy. In order for the average BMX-er to afford this hub, they have a silver spoon in their mouth, a well paying job, or they stole the hub off someone else.

    If kids are complaining about the price for parts that cost WAY LESS... Why would they come out of pocket to purchase this hub?

    So, yes, why the Z Coaster?